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The Exit Group is a buy side, middle market, mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. Our obsessive focus is on finding opportunities and facilitating deals that work for everyone!

We take pride not just in our transaction history, but more importantly the business owners and investors being happy with the deals and relationships we’ve helped them create!

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We have a long history of partnering with The Exit Group to acquire growing businesses in the middle market, including our acquisition of ASP Global. They are uniquely positioned to make relevant connections for us given their understanding of our investment strategy and their embedded relationships with a vast network of founders and entrepreneurs. We value their partnership and their approach to finding creative ways to get deals done.

Jack Glover
Managing Partner, Incline Equity Partners
A Private Equity Firm with $2.5+ billion in assets under management

The Exit Group has been a fantastic partner to The Jordan Company for several years. They have helped us form long term partnerships which fit our culture as well as our investment strategy. We look forward to continuing to work with them to assist us in growing our businesses the right way.

Dan Pezley
Partner, The Jordan Company
A private investment firm with $6.0+ billion in assets under management

The team at Exit Group has done a tremendous job setting Alpine and Founders up for success both in a transaction and going forward as they really take the time to form relationships with Founders. They really care about solving for Founder’s needs in the short and the long term and making sure that Alpine is the right fit for them.

Jake Brodsky
Co-Founder, Alpine Software Group
A Private Equity Firm with $1.3+ billion in assets under management

The Exit Team has been a great asset for our firm. They initially reached out to us regarding a buyer’s interest in our business. We were focused on growth and we were not sellers. However, Exit has helped us complete several acquisitions on the buy side which have added tremendous growth and value to our business. They have been a great partner to us and we look forward to continuing to work with the team.

James Hickman
President and CEO, Triosim Corporation
A Strategic Acquirer
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Founder’s Letter

Dear Business Owner,

I have some insight on how you feel about your business. I say this not just because I’m the co-founder of The Exit Group and have participated in countless deals, it’s also because I’ve built and sold a number of businesses myself. I know what it is to eat, drink and sleep a business, what it is to succeed and to fail!

Whether you’re selling your business, taking some chips off the table or looking for expansion capital, I know we’re talking about something you built and possibly your life’s work. I know what it’s like to have wall street types come in and talk about your business in a different language, a language that makes you uncomfortable. I’ve been through it. That’s one reason we founded Exit. We saw a real need for a company that was bilingual, a company that could speak the language of the entrepreneur and the professional investor. We’ve created The Exit Group to not only originate a deal, but facilitate it as well.

My team and I want to be part of deals where every constituent to the transaction wins! Selling a business or bringing in outside money for whatever reason is hard. It can be very costly, time consuming and emotionally draining. If we decide to work together you have my personal promise that we’ll make the process as painless, efficient and effective as possible and that we’ll add real value to the transaction for all concerned.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Respectfully Yours,

Mark Wagner